• On-the-job Training Programmes

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Hope on the streets for children trainer

Use your teaching skills to train missionaries and church members how to work with vulnerable children and youths who live on the streets. Equip people to work with vulnerable children and youths in a professional, godly and sustainable way.

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Impulse Participant

Are you young at heart and a free spirited adventurer who knows that there must be more to life than just study, work 9-5 for 40 years and then wait to die, but you are still uncertain what that is? would you like to take a year off after school and explore the options that life has? Then this adventure gap year is just the place for you.

Mission Discipleship Training (MDT)

Has God been talking to you about sharing your faith with others? 

Has He laid a particular people group or country on your heart? 

Do you know that God is calling you to be a labourer in the fields that are ready to be harvested?

  • ....and yet you are still at home, struggling to follow Him, because you just do not feel you have the knowledge, training, skills or practical experience needed to step out.
Sportslink Representative at Impulse

Impulse is a year long program geared towards transformation.  You will be a facilitator at the program but also there to represent SportsLink.  You will help set up and run the sports ministry that will be carried out in the Impulse program.