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Our aim as OM Mozambique, since 1999, has been to train Mozambicans to be missionaries to the least reached areas of Zambezia and other northern provinces in the country. We operate one of the only missions training schools in Mozambique.

We actually began working in Mozambique in 1995, training local pastors and leaders through seminars. This training would soon become an established discipleship training programme.

Mozambique has been badly broken from colonialism and decades of civil war, and back in 1995, it was considered the world’s poorest nation. The government has worked hard to strengthen the economy, lay true democratic foundations and bind up wounds from the past.

Religious freedom is another significant development in Mozambique. Between 1975 and 1982, the agenda was exclusive propagation of Marxism and “all-out war on the churches”; freedom of religion was not established until 1988.

OM Mozambique Ministries

  • Leadership Development

    Leadership Development

    Lay-preachers and leaders of the Mozambican church do not generally have access to sound Biblical training. OM Mozambique wants to change this situation by providing these people with short-term training courses. The leaders of the

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  • Discipleship Training

    Discipleship Training

    Many years ago in Mozambique, the Yao and Makua peoples sold their own families as slaves to the Arabs. Because of this, the Arabs present the Muslim religion to the Yao and Makua peoples. This

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  • Local Church & Youth Ministry

    Local Church & Youth Ministry

    The OM Centre is located in Incaia, in the Gaza Province of Mozambique. It is situated right next to the main road on the way to the north of Mozambique. There are a large number

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  • Community Transformation

    Community Transformation

    We are working in Northern Mozambique with the purpose of planting a church led by local believers. We have a small team working there. This project is to raise the necessary funds to meet the

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  • Tabitha Skills Development

    Tabitha Skills Development

    Adult literacy and skills training to ladies, enabling them to provide for their households and be encouraged to reach others in their community. Women from rural areas in Africa are often uneducated or illiterate and

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